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about us

We want to create a more harmonious relationship between the outdoor community and our natural world. 

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who we are

We are Bluebird Exchange C.I.C. An Edinburgh-based social enterprise trying to tackle the environmental impacts of our outdoor gear and apparel through re-use and transitioning to a circular economy.

We generate profits from the sale and purchase of second-hand outdoor products on our marketplace and then use this to fund environmental and social access projects. 

(The guy with the cheesy grin is Stephen, our founder.)

what we stand for

mission one

keep outdoor gear in circulation

As an industry we are still obsessed with the idea of buying new gear. This creates a huge amount of waste and also has enourmous environmental repercussions when it comes to our carbon and water footprints. 

We want to break this cycle of consumerism and instead focus on keeping our gear in circulation for longer. This is worthwhile as by keeping an item in circulation for an extra nine months you can reduce it's carbon, waste and water footprints by up to 30 percent. 

We embrace circular ideas of re-use and repair to try and prevent unwanted outdoor gear ending up in landfill. We do this even under circumstances considered to be economically 'not viable'. 

mission two

promote circular economy

We are aware that change does not happen in a vacuum and that we still have a long way to go before consumers embrace circular principles of re-use and repair. This is made all the more challenging when the industry continues to utilise linear economic models which are inherently unsustainable and causes all discusssion of environmentalism to be framed within the existing status-quo. 

Our second mission is all about taking those first steps on the journey towards consumer change. We are raising awareness of the environmental issues caused by the existing linear economic model that dominates the outdoor industry while also promoting the benefits of transitioning towards a circular economy founded on ideas of re-use, repair and sharing. 

how it works

We generate revenue and use it to fund initiatives that keep outdoor gear in circulation and promote circular economy. The flowchart below explains how. 

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Image by Markus Spiske

we are registered as a community interest company (c.i.c) so our profits are used for the benefit of the community 


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