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the bluebird podcast

Hello and welcome to the Bluebird podcast!

Here, we dive into the world of environmentalism, circular economy and system change in the context of the outdoor community through discussions with community figures, industry leaders and experts.

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Hello and welcome to the first ever episode of the Bluebird podcast!

To kick us off, I sit down in conversation with my good friend Gav from the leading non-profit, One Tree at a Time.

Gav is absolutely leading the line when it comes to circular economy and system change within the outdoor industry so it is always a real treat to pick his brains. Through constantly challenging the status quo and fully embracing new business models, Gav has been able to galvanise a huge amount of support in his local Alpine community and make a tangible impact. 

In this wide-ranging discussion we, among other things, delve into the role of community activism, the culpability of brands in continuing to propagate consumerist messaging and the desperate need for an adoption of wider-scale system change. 

It really is a goody so I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed recording!

EPISODE 2 - Tom ramshaw

Hello and welcome to episode two of the Bluebird Podcast. 

In this episode I talk to my good friend Tom Ramshaw! Tom is just finishing up a masters in Sustatinable Design in Copenhagen and has a great depth of knowledge when it comes to circular economy and the wider theoretical musings on the topic. 

It is always a treat to chat to Tom and in this episode we get stuck into a bit of theory surrounding the potential of circular economy from not only an environmental context but from a wider social and economic angle as well. We discuss how this needs to be coupled with wider system and attitude change to ensure circular economy can fulfill its potential going forward. We also manage to discuss some of the latest developments in circular economy from a legislative angle with particular reference to the Right to Repair and the impact this might have. 


Fair warning: there is a couple of minutes from me at the start of this episode where I reflect on my feelings since the release of episode one and try to give a better explanation as to what the podcast is all about so to speak... 

I hope you enjoy!




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