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kids go free

Kids Go Free is a Bluebird project to try and level the playing field of outdoor recreation and sports by providing outdoor products to those who may not have previously had access to these items.


We receive donations of children's outdoor clothing and equipment from people who are no longer needing these items. 


Every donation of children’s outdoor gear or clothing we receive is re-homed completely free of charge in the local community in a bid to encourage more children to go out and experience the great outdoors.


Not only does this project provide access to outdoor equipment, it also increases the lifecyle of the products. This has the added benefit of reducing the waste, water and carbon footrpints of these items.


Find out how the Kids Go Free project works and how you can get involved.


Why did we start the Kids Go Free project?

One thing that regularly cropped up in our conversations with the local outdoor community is that children are often underprepared for the outdoors. Sometimes that is on an educational level (what you need for a day in the hills for example) but more likely it was in relation to their apparel and equipment. Naturally, this impacts their enjoyment of whatever outdoor venture they happen to be participating in that day and might put them off in the future. 

As we had already established a local network for donations of outdoor products, we decided to start asking specifically about the availability of children’s outdoor products. Unsurprisingly, people have loads of good quality children’s outdoor items lying around! From this, our ‘Kids Go Free’ initiative was born and we now work to re-home these products with those who stand to benefit most. 


How you can support the Kids Go Free initiative.


If you have any children’s outdoor clothing or equipment you think would be suitable for the initiative please get in touch directly or through the page on our website.


As with all of our initiatives, we are only able to fund the Kids Go Free project because of the revenue we generate from our online marketplace and from the kind donations of adult's outdoor products. 

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