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making a difference

As a Social Enterprise, Bluebird exists to benefit the community. Check out some of the projects we have been involved with recently and find out how to get involved.

social impact

We use circular economy as a framework to make a difference in our local community.


environmental impact

Our circular economy initiatives dramatically reduce the environmental impact of our outdoor gear.

our impact

keeping outdoor gear in circulation

We reclaim, repair and redistribute outdoor gear that is destined for landfill to ensure it is kept in circulation. 


Please get in touch if you have any unwanted outdoor items you wish to donate! We will keep the items in circulation and use any revenue to fund our work and projects in the outdoor community.

promoting inclusivity through the fair distribution of outdoor gear

We work with local councils and organisations to reclaim and redistribute outdoor clothing to people who wouldn't otherwise have access to these items. We hope this can help get more people enjoying the benefits of outdoor activities!

Please get in touch with any collaboration/project ideas. We would love to hear from you!

promoting circular economy

We are raising awareness of the environmental issues caused by the existing linear economic model that dominates the outdoor industry while also promoting the benefits of transitioning towards a circular economy founded on ideas of re-use, repair and sharing. 

We do this through delivering circular economy workshops and by discussing the issues and solutions available in our Bluebird podcast.

Keeping oudoor gear in circulation
Promoting circular economy